Our Product(s):

Since its creation in 2011, Legend Tobacco has been always concerned about the quality and the uniqueness of all products that hold its brand name, furthermore in satisfying customers demands by bringing forward what is new and not yet known to the market. These have set Argelini in a market niche by itself and after, made it a market leader- although in a very short period - of its industry. Achieving uniqueness in a product articulates many factors; including but not limited to the ingredients of the product itself, how it is presented, its price and the marketing tools that are set with it. Further, it goes more to after sales services, customers support and advanced consumer interaction, and ending with a guaranteed final consumer satisfaction.

In regards to our product ingredients; we only use the finest blend of French Virginia tobacco leaves, which are gold in color, light in nicotine and free of main leaf stems. We do not mix tobacco blends or crops; we neither wash leaves nor use any chemicals. Our tobacco is so natural that gives its smoker a true smooth smoking experience. The glycerin that we use is the purest among all others; it is extracted and refined from vegetables, never petroleum. We do not mix glycerin with other chemical materials that may act as glycerin, although cheaper in price, our main concern is the overall quality of the product as a whole. Legend Tobacco manufactures its own honey using the purest white sugar, void of additives that may substitute honey flavor and may cause an after taste. On top of that, Legend Tobacco products are distinguished by the wide range of high quality, specially- made tobacco flavors. Our product is known to have a long lasting, full bodied flavor which mirrors exactly its elegant and delightful taste, reproduced by no other. In addition to all above, the technology and the scientific methodologies that we apply in our manufacturing processes makes our products standardized, up to the level and quality guaranteed.

Legend Tobacco’s product presentation stands by itself as a product differentiator; our attractive, royal designs have succeeded in front of many others by being the first to get the attention of walk in and potential customers. The packing that we use is specially made to allow buyers to smell and compare before purchasing, as well as to store remaining tobacco after their first consumption, guaranteeing a lasting freshness, and most importantly safeguarding the product during its shelf life, ensuring that every time you smoke our tobacco the fragrance and flavor is as enticing as the first time the packaging was opened.

Argelini Tobacco has been handcrafted to perfection. Argelini Tobacco is infused with natural and artificial special made flavors. Our tobacco is a blend made from Golden Virginian tobacco leaves, embodied with food grade vegetable glycerin and our in-house made high quality honey. The brilliance behind Argelini Tobacco is the simplicity and the quality of the products used, which will make Argelini Tobacco a household name to tobacco consumers.

Enjoy our heavenly breath taking, smooth and full-flavored Hookah tobacco!

Argelini Tobacco is:

- Free of chemical additives.

- Free of Artificial coloring.

- Free of Tar.





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