Take a part in experiencing a Revolutionary Global Patent that will fundamentally change shisha smoking around the world!


Argelini® Shisha Shot is:

Healthier – The capsule contains activated carbon that filters and absorbs the harmful gases released from the tobacco and coal.
Faster – No more messing with sticky tobacco! The capsule is ready for use and includes a perforated aluminum foil. Just place the lit coal on top of the capsule and enjoy the luxurious hookah experience!
Cleaner – No more cleaning! After use, just throw the capsule in the garbage bin (disposable)! Your shisha will remain clean and is ready for its next time use.
Great For Travelling – The capsules can be easily packed and taken to road trips, camping, even business trips. You no longer have to carry various flavors of tobacco, aluminum foils, aluminum foil perforators, and tongs for the coal – just the nicely packed packages of the Argelini Shisha Shot!
Graphically Designed Packs – The capsules are packed in high-quality decorated packages. Each capsule is packed individually.
Variety of Flavors – We offer a variety of 41 distinct flavors – some are exclusive to LEGEND TOBACCO. Our flavors have had phenomenal success in taste and quality tests taken with many diverse focus groups in different countries around the world.
Extended Shelf Life – An advanced and controlled packaging technique, specially aimed at tobacco products, ensures the capsules remain fresh for an exceptionally long time!

The Shisha Shot is a registered patent and is sold exclusively by LEGEND TOBACCO!

Join us and enjoy this revolutionary product.




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